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Price: $1140
Description: 1.The saw bench fits on the tractor 3-point linkage and can cut up to 280 cm (11 inches) in depth. 2.It is equipped with a depth gauge and extension piece for holding longer logs. 3.It can work between 30-80hp engines. 4.It has a safety strap and an adjustable leg extension. 5.The machine is fitted with wheels & extending handle allowing the operator to easily tow the machine by hand into storage. 6.Safety is paramount with both hands used in locking the material in place and for operating the swinging bench. 7.The saw bench comes complete with a PTO shaft. Specifications Buzz Saw PTO Drive 540 RPM Buzz Saw Drive Shaft Mounted on Sealed Self Aligning Ball Bearings Buzz Saw Blade Hardened Chrome-Nickle Steel Buzz Saw Blade Speed 1300 RPM Buzz Saw Blade Diameter 30’ Buzz Saw Blade Teeth 76 Steel Buzz Saw Depth of Cut 12' Buzz Saw Tractor Mounting 3-Point Hitch Buzz Saw Frame Rugged Heavy-Duty Steel Buzz Saw Table Length 40'
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